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Notice of Recall
In cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (”CPSC”), Colleen Karis Designs LLC is conducting a recall of the product pictured here: All-Star Basketball Chair and Ottoman. For complete details click here.

This chair and ottoman set was sold in HomeGoods stores in the United States from August 2009 through February 2010.

As a result of the recall, Colleen Karis Designs LLC will provide a refund of $52.00 to consumers who purchased this product.

Please DO NOT return the chair and ottoman to HomeGoods. Follow these steps to receive a refund:

1. Contact Colleen Karis Designs LLC by phone or email. Contact by email: Contact us toll-free by phone: 866-278-7938

2. We will send you shipping materials to box and return the item. All shipping charges will be paid for Colleen Karis Designs LLC when using this provided packaging.

3. Once your returned product is received, you will be mailed a check in the amount of $52.00.


Q: Which product does this recall involve?
A: The notice of recall only involves one single product: the ALL-STAR Basketball Chair and Ottoman. Please see photo at top right corner of this page. This recall DOES NOT involve any other chair products.

Q: I have a basketball shaped chair but it DOES NOT say ALL-STAR on the sides. Do I need to return this chair?
A: No. Only a basketball chair that has the wording ALL-STAR on both sides is subject to this recall. If you have a basketball chair that does not have ALL-STAR wording you do not need to take any action.

Q: If I have an ALL- STAR basketball chair what should I do
A: Please contact us immediately by email () or phone (866-278-7938)

Q: How many units were potentially affected?
A: About 380 units nationwide.

Q: Do I need to box and ship this chair myself?
A: Once you contact Colleen Karis Designs LLC, we will send you shipping materials for boxing and shipping the chair and ottoman. We will also include a completed return slip that ensures all shipping costs are charged to Colleen Karis Designs LLC.

Q: Should I return my chair to HomeGoods?
A: No. Please return the item directly to Colleen Karis Designs LLC. We will send you shipping materials for returning the chair

Q: Will I receive a new chair and ottoman?
A: No. We will not be replacing this item. You will receive a check for $52.00 as a refund for your purchase. The check will be sent once we receive your chair.

Q: Why are you conducting this recall?
A: Some of the All Star basketball chairs may have sufficient lead in the surface coating used for the lettering to exceed the lead paint requirements. Although we do not know how many of these chairs could have an issue with the surface coating, we decided to err on the side of caution and recall all of them to protect our customers.

Q: How did this problem occur?
A: We are not totally certain how our supplier may have ended up using a paint with too much lead. However, after we discovered a potential issue in our testing on some products still in China, we immediately stopped shipping the item, checked products in the U.S., reported the problem to CPSC ourselves, and decided to conduct a recall.

Q: How can I get complete details about this recall?
A: For more details about this recall, please follow this link to the official press release issued by the CPSC. Please click here.